Yoga Stretching Exercises: Headstand Part II

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HOW TO DO HEADSTAND (Sirsasana Pose)
Sirsasana, or headstand, looks quite difficult, but is actually very simple to learn. In most yoga traditions, however, headstand is practiced near the end of a sequence. With this in mind, headstand is probably not a good idea until you are warm and loose from yoga or another form of exercise.


1) On your knees, grab opposite elbows on the floor (like in the video)
2) Keep your elbows close (it’ll feel weird, but it’s easier)
3) Interlace your hands and open up the palms so your head can slide in
4) Place the front part of your head (between the forehead and crown) on the floor and stand up like downward facing dog
5) Walk your feet in closer to your elbows
6) Straighten both legs all the way
7) If possible, bend one knee into your chest while the other leg stays straight
8) Switch
9) If you’re comfortable, bend both knees to your chest (don’t jump) and stay there
10) If you’re still comfortable, extend your legs to the sky


Do NOT use the wall. It’s easier, but it’s not safe. When you’re ready, you’ll feel it and you can move safely that way.

Do NOT let your elbows splay out to the sides.

Do NOT jump into this pose. When you’re ready, you’ll fell it.

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