Yoga for Lower Back Pain : Cat Cow Yoga Pose for Lower Back Pain

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Learn how to do the cat cow progression pose when using yoga poses for lower back pain relief in this free exercise video from a hatha yoga instructor. Exper…

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Tobias Knudsen says:

Oh hi there boner! – seriously though, this is really good on several levels.

glock919mm says:



likhama ram

slim bob says:

I’ll Cat Cow with her, she has alot of talent

MAHmoud GOoDA says:

bad cam

TomTreeMan says:

That was alluring, I’m making my baby take yoga!

ultimatenick37 says:

Well, a lot of them DO have lower back pain.
But we all know that’s not why they came.

G Rajasekaran says:

your still is very nice

Braj kisor yadav says:

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millerlitee says:

Well, it made me laugh. Had to like it.

DAMIANG17 says:

Yoga is so great! Why? Three reasons …1. It is really good for you in so many ways, both physically and mentally. 2. Beautiful, and healthy women are always in the classes for Yoga, no matter what part of the world you are in. 3. Women look hot when they do Yoga. ; >

PinoyCannibal says:

Best Part: 1:40 Thank me later…..

Wolfgang Edwards says:

and them pervy kids from 12-17

quellyrox says:

so relaxing :) thank youuu!

irish king says:

who is this?

G Wardak says:

1) Right click on the video
2) stop download
3) She looks as if she is getting it from behind

GGHBT says:

Does she have a tramp stamp?

tantjen bertolli says:

Very funny these reactions. Untill YOU will have back pains yourself…
Hope it hurts…

hasan çakır says:

My dicck is flying

Yavuz Turk says:

my lower back hurts idk what happen i do workout and idk what caused it i was on also vacation i was good and in hotel there was air conditioner on the ceiling just above my bed and my friend open it high than i come back home and i got some lower back pain but its not that bad i can run or still do workouts but its bother little bit so what should i do

NdotDiggity says:

They were right, Yoga is relaxing. *Zips pants and lights cigarette*

imranizzadeen88 says:

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Emily Louie says:

does this work is you’re a gymnast suffering from spondylosis?

Steve Pratt says:

Great video. Very helpful. Thanks a lot.

GertyAndyDean says:

I`m disgusted by the sexual harassment in many of these comments.

John Doe says:

Somebody is getting some good love every night

zixx123456789 says:

My penis lead me here

nametakenlol says:

nice tat

DancaTV says:

i want a backview of that

rozzalenda123 says:

dat ass

Christopher Garrett says:


MsLizzie50 says:

Can you just specify the name of the Asana from your next video onwads?
Thank you. I mean like… Bhujangasana, vajrasana…. Etc, etc….

MsLizzie50 says:

And I also tried to unspam your post You dumbo!!

And… They call that particular asana as Cat Cow pose…. Coz people will understand it better and then, they tell the name…. And Btw, they told it is YOGA!! This simply means it comes from India :/

MsLizzie50 says:

WTF?! Idiot!! I was supporting you!! I said Y did people spam your comment!!
Dumbo!! Even I’m Indian…. Infact I replied to your post so that it comes up again and people read the correct thing!! U r sooooo Silly :/

MsLizzie50 says:

Why Spam the truth?! Lol Jealous jerks!! :/ :/

Atanas AAG says:

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tiferetmenachem says:

beautifully explsained – thank you. appreciateyour walking through the leper colony for the sake of assisting people with their health…!

menglis3 says:

I’m just saying but guys can do this too right? looks to girly, she makes it look to sexy and it makes me look gay doing it.

datboydsmoke says:


redzer06 says:

You can just tell she love’s getting a good dicking.

Karume Asangama says:


thehawk314 says:

I actually did come here to learn the cow/cat progression because I couldn’t see my instructor when she was doing it. Thanks for posting this, and forget all these jerks who are creeping your videos. Namaste!

Stephane Normand says:

You are soooo pretty

Iwalkwithalimp says:

Thanks .. Ps loose the fake hair.. Not sexy

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