Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners

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This routine is designed for beginners and anyone looking for a simple practice to build strength, flexibility, and promote weight loss. Get recipes and heal…


Ashlee Villarreal says:

first time doing yogaan this is my type of yoga always keeping my attention no matter what im sweating an i feel all my abs an thighs screaming love it daily on morning lunch an night thank you :)

Eli Bishop says:

I suppose I need to memorize this, i couldn’t look down to do the position before she was in the next position. Feeling good all over though.

Dante Eliss says:


Dante Eliss says:

Thanks for the video! Its a great workout. I like how this workout is quick and fast. It makes it more intense instead of the slow and boring traditional yoga. Don’t why people complaining, they should go back to the breathing type of yoga or get in shape. This routine isn’t that hard

Elmo Erwanto says:

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apogee jingle says:

Are you on amphetamines? This is hysterical- SPEED YOGA

Ale Lux Airam Valo says:

I much better doing this with you at home than in front of a lot of people ( when u a beginner )


way too fast -__-

Monica Garvalova says:

This is amazing! Some of the poses gave me a really bad aches all over my body, I even think i stretched some strings, but when I finished I felt so relax, I even had a fatigue from some previous workout and now it;s gone!

Kurtisgoingout says:

BEGINNERS? bulls*. This is amazing.

jojo makaveli says:

Hey:) Have you thought about the Fat Combust Factors (do a google search)? Ive hear some great stuff about it and my bro burned alot of unwanted fats.

ColormeLEOPARD says:

I think the way you put everything together is very good. But you changed into positions to fast. My instructor always had us in the same position at LEAST 1 minute. I’m going to learn thus routine by heart and do it on my own at my slow pace. I feel it works better when you take your time relaxing and breathing evenly in every pose

captkwa says:

totally loved it! a little bit fast so I changed it to keep up, i’m sure with practice i’ll get faster! i really loved the music, i’ve noticed a lot of people saying they didn’t like it but i found it motivating and refreshing! normally yoga videos have calm music that makes me sleepy but this made me feel great!

Mary Peterson says:

Um, I would have favorited this to use on my ps3 later, but the music is too much for me, sorry.

dreataylor75 says:

ummm, the music is totally nascar and not necessary.

beatriceyoung13 says:

I felt like I was in a race to keep up with you. This wasn’t good for me sorry, my opinion.

pinky lou says:

do you do it every day? :)

ztoff xper says:

Have you heard about Atomic Fat Loss? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way to burn calories fast.

Shelby Leach says:

Holy crap. This was good, but it also made me realize how out of shape I am. Jeez.

Andonis Moushis says:

that felt so good. I’m kinda dead now.

Emily Crowell says:

You put a yoga pad under you to comfort your ankles, however that pose helps with digestion. (:

Randy Cawley says:

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sam96345 says:

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Michele Wright says:

I love it!

Melissa Howe says:

great video but just a little bit fast for those starting out (or who are working back into a yoga practice like me!)

Lacey George says:

How long should I do this video before I’m ready to start another one?? Maybe a more difficult one?? I wanted to start with this one and move one once this one gets easier for me. Is there a next one??

hannah herrera says:

i really wanted to lose weight i’ve been doing the yoga for a week. hoping for good results :))

nassimzoki says:

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Rana Imran says:

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