VS Pink Nation OOTD, Yoga Pants

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Leopard Print Yoga Pants Grey V neck Pink Nation Bubbles Yumm Jewelry Draya Inspired Earrings.


DeanMoony says:

your so sexy

colorxlove says:

All that “love pink” together is SO tacky

lalA shininqwebkinz says:

fuck you kk

lalA shininqwebkinz says:

this isnt fucking twitter so i think you gotta go

swiminggirl122001 says:

i have those same yoga pants but dometimes the folding part folds up and its verry itchy when u lay down

puppycat15 says:

Love The Yoga Pants Too Cute.!

1ohyeah61 says:

That ass

FunnyAnimations says:

if thats why they made them then why dont u have them on? =p

LaFashionista518 says:

that’s why they made yoga panties the full cover panties that are thin. I don’t like wearing thongs so that’s why they made those

Amy Aim says:

you really like VS pink!

FeelingRain1 says:


ivsejihe says:

Do a hair tutorial for this please!!!!

Gr2na says:

i love this video, i liked and fav! xoxo

ScentOfFlowers says:

you are really pretty! can you do a hair tutorial?

AzzurraCosta says:

nice video, i really love the earrings!

Goodis2011 says:

cute. love the earrings

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