Victoria’s Secret Collective Haul!

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Hey everyone! This video I did a huge Victoria’s Secret Haul. I showed some of their clothes, body mists, and lotions. I hope you enjoy watching!


longlivelaurenx says:

Cant you guys read it says COLLECTIVE haul which means all the stuff she has from there 

Mimitrixie says:

Aargh! We don’t have Victoria’s Secret in New Zealand… :(

kyokokisakyona says:

I have never been to a Victoria’s Secret before!

kassidy watkins says:

Show off

sportsluver421 says:

@superwomeans Uhm no the have diff bands.

Jared Littlewolf says:

your so sexy…

Katie Johnson says:

U r so nice u remind me of me…lol

superwomeans says:

You bought 4 pairs of yoga pants? You do realize they’re just black pants right? Why do you need four pairs of the same black pants? Thats like over $100 right there

Tori Lindgren says:

You have no ass .

Emily Puleo says:

Omg I have the same shirt from American Eagle!!!!!!

Emily Warner says:

I love your videos xxxx

eliselovesbeauty17 says:

… Geez how much money do you have? This is a hual?? It must have costnyou a forune!! I am not being rude.i love your channel :)

cupcakecandygal sarah says:

your a pink freak and u rock

545madison says:

Room tour

xisabella619x says:

awesome haul :) You’re sooo pretty <3

37zebrastripes says:

This is not a haul your just showing everyone
all your stuff that you have from there…

Kate Costello says:

Love the purple yoga pants!❤

lovinglaurenx says:

Ya you can go on the victorias secret website if you want to order some of their stuff and they have all different sizes (small, medium,large,etc.)

Sonja Haertig says:

You are so gorgeous damn!

Anisha Sharma says:

aly & aj <3 :)

lovinglaurenx says:

sure! i’ll do that when i do more hauls :)

Emily Armstrong says:

can you tell us the prices/sizes in future hauls? :)

Makeapedia says:

wow your so pretty (:
i would love vs where i live ;(
i only have the glamorous perfume, which i love!
I subscribed!
Please can u drop by mine and return the favor?

erikitamakeup says:

Love Victoria’s Secret!! Great haul. :)

lovinglaurenx says:

thanks! i use iMovie to edit them :)

audridrew says:

Great haul!! I really like the way you edit your vids.

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