Relaxation music -Chinese Bamboo Flute Yoga -Meditation Natural sounds

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guadalupemartin7272 says:

l need TARKAN to sing for me that’s what l need……

kissmyasshaters99 says:

@ TimeGod12 this site is for BIG people only. Time to brush your teeth and go to bed,mommy will come and tuck you in, now shhhh and go to sleep.

65darina says:

Thank you

darklybright says:

not during?

sperulatus mayerick says:

Merci très belle musique

piotrek jaros says:

pierwsze dzwięki i już lubię tą muzykę – piękna i już.

DUTCHKID66 says:

My pussy just came through

clau dia says:

relaja mucho cuando estas estudiando :)
gracias, es preciosa

Edit Almási says:

… hát akkor én erről már lemaradtam…

MizPinkii1 says:


Ivette Fred-Castro says:

Amazing! Completely relaxing and transporting…the sounds of the strings, water and birds just send your mind and thoughts drifting off into space. BEAUTIFUL!!! COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY DIVINE.

Maribel Cabeza says:

me maravilla el sonido del agua bello me transporta .

TimeGod12 says:

what teh fucks is this shit? boring

Justin beiber is way better than this crap

mizah hashim says:

lovely music …i like it..thanks..!

Pedro Guaraci Marques says:

A grande luz do mundo, meus parabéns

alihan çelik says:

59 dakika boyunca hiç sıkılmadan dinledim .teşekkürler.

Suely Monteiro says:

Thank you for this music. I loved.

Aziz Sadiwala says:

great keep it up give cool to body mind & spirit.

love & light

aineterra says:

Where can I find the picture shown on minute 1, please?

ThisIsYC says:­0

Diana Smith Hill says:

Wonderful, where can I buy this CD or MP3? I would like it

Kristian Skjødt-Ladefoged says:

Cool, thanks man! :-)

katrinaparis says:

Opps forgot to acknowledge that you made a beautiful video. Thank you for this.

katrinaparis says:

I have this CD. It is NOT Yoga at all.. Its for relaxing and meditating, and is Zen music.

Rukshana Vahanvaty says:


Jovan438 says:

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BennyJam08 says:

Looks like Zhangjiajie mountain in Hunan province China! beautiful place 😉

Jessica Bayless says:


Nibbler000 says:

My dad used to tell me music is food for soul when I was eight yrs old, now I understand what he really meant.

TruthSpreader22is4 says:

Google “Truth-C0ntest” & click in ºThe * Presentº for peace, bliss and understanding.

Relax, don’t worry, enjoy. Everything is gonna be alright now.

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