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A guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer, a leading Anusara yoga teacher, filmed on the clifftops of Cornwall, England. Bridget is Anusara’s UK represen…


amygrant1503 says:

I used to meditate a lot yrs ago and want to get bk into it. .. I suffer with bi polar disorder and want to learn to relax better. .. I have seen posts asking for people to take part in some meditation programs I would be very interested in this… Please email me at

abbybaby5 says:

What a treasure you have given the world with this meditation! I hope many people will use it as a way to feel at peace with themselves.

Tisha says:

Tina,i really do;87&21#nt think it will drive the election … the run for the whitehouse willin fact the dems will simply say they need more of a majority and the whitehous to get stuff done.

Vanessa Hamilton says:

Thanks xoxox

oobooeeboo says:

Thanks for this meditation. If you are a truth seeker, search for “Truth Contest” in Google, click the top result, then open “The Present” on the homepage and read what it says. This is truth you can check, here and now.

LivinginBlissSince83 says:

Yes, we can discover the divinity within, and we can savour the reward — peace.

gbvoul says:

who knew relaxation of the mind was so physical…

energikuselet says:

energikuselet youtube channel: Saving the Earth (English Version)

Sunny says:

John I too created a profile for our ministry but that was before fan pages. Fan pages are where it's at. People who do9;&03n#t have a facebook account can access a fan page. Anyone with a personal account can create a fan page.

thatyouhold says:

I have a meditation song and video up on my page! Check it out and subscribe for more relaxing music.

energikuselet says:

Saving the Earth (English Version) meditation 777ALAJE 18. part: energikuselet-channel

MsNessalopez says:

This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

simsinghsimsingh6 says:

Hi i have a question can you meditate and cagefight with other opponents at the same time. Please be truthful. I heard that if you make someone bleed or do violent things like MMA and beat up other people does this mean that your meditation power that you gain will be taken away. I dont want my powers taken away if i meditate so please be truthful. Can You Cagefight with ofther opponents and make them bleed and hurt them will my powers from doing meditation be taken away . Please be truthful

bullsareus says:

Walking,standing,sitting ore lying. It’s just a lot easier to fall asleep lying down :)

fancygremlin says:

can we meditate lying down?

MsNessalopez says:

Favor to ask – we just put up a draft of a new online meditation course – would you be willing to help test it and give your feedback? Please message me back and thanks so much!

peacefulmind12 says:

Meditation is the key. Thank you for posting this. Yoga is the new 2012. A beautiful quote “When you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change.” Positive energy can also come to you when referring a person to meditation or Yoga Asanas. Tell your friends and family to help them grow.

wasanawarrior says:

Thank you very relaxing when one is in too much of a hurry. Brought me back to center

omshop says:

I think you should be a little more cautious before accusing someone of embezzelment
You have got it wrong ! Why would anybody want to listen to your negativity.
Anusara is a fantastic yoga method that has transformed peoples lives for the better.

hbenergeticsolutions says:

For more meditation information check out:

Sheevaun Moran at Energetic Solutions!

Thank you :-)

Lizabeth says:

Sharp thkining! Thanks for the answer.

Serenity12121000 says:

Your voice and words are very inspiring…during the anxious times this helps me calm down and feel assured. Thanks for posting this :)

airwithairrising says:

please check out my page for beautiful, relaxing meditation music!!!


Vicente Serra Gamero says:

documental sombre la meditación

omshop says:

Not far from the minack theatre

timbum1000 says:

Where abouts is this ? Lands End area?

Eddi says:

This is way more helpful than anthiyng else I’ve looked at.

timbum1000 says:

See my original paintings of Cornwall on  Low start prices. Just put in search Cornish art. Kernowarty.

peacemaker185 says:

cornwall is a very beautiful place

velocifero86 says:

6:16 Wha..? Where she go?

TheAngelicMessanger says:

Eckhart Tolle is Satan manifested in the flesh.

humanroots says:

¿somebody can translate to spanish please?

iampeeay01 says:

so beautiful and so relaxing is your video… thanks so much for sharing this… :)

bmxicaner says:

A meditation place does not become saturated with your meditation energy in my opinion. Instead your mind creates an association with the spot of meditation. Each time the same meditation spot is used this association becomes strengthened. A behavior repeated in the same fashion i.e. same place,becomes very easy to repeat and become more proficient at because of the memory that has created this strong association. If you use a different spot the same neural pathway might not be used.

Tailynn says:

This is a most useful coibuitrtnon to the debate

magua4 says:

wherever you live there are nice enclaves to meditate. i live in south texas. its not a very beautiful place.. at all. but I found a niche to meditate

Makaela says:

Apirtcpaeion for this information is over 9000-thank you!

mike jones says:

The part that relaxed me was when you talked about God

Maribeth says:

How much do I love your blog??? Well I can tell you it's loads more since seeing these two dapper Scots gentlemen. Wosrhsw..tee kilt, the hankie, the red bobble on the blue hat…oh my heavens.What a treat on a drizzly day in GB, thank you xxx

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