Head Stand – Headstand yoga posture

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Headstand Yoga Posture Check this posture out in a full routine . http://www.youtube.com/user/FreeYogaVideos.

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Deepak G says:

headstand for three hours continously you experience  trance ie samadhi

05diksha05 says:


FreeYogaVideos says:

You have to be very careful with the headstand . Do not go up if you are not 100% ready.

kixxyoungmoney says:

I tryed to do this and literally busted my shit

Roz Malekshahi says:

i can do the head stand but with my hands flat on the floor…. after i saw your video and i did it once i already did your way 😀 thank you

bibs87654 says:

I disagree! Though I admit that yoga might do you more good ( for your health) compared to body-weight exercises, the latter is essential for getting glamorous muscles. Another thing is, why do we need to put yogic exercises and bodyweight/cardiac on two opposite extremes?? I do not find any wrong in combining both :) I’m sure the guy in this video does the same….

Jorge Tovar says:

I can tell by your question that you have never practiced yoga. To do a headstand like this, you need years of practice. Years of practice can give you that kind of body. Try it.

AJProfessional says:


Cernunoss772 says:

People who practice yoga regularly can get some pretty exceptional bodies. There are lots of different styles, some are far more rigorous than others.

Jonathan Creamer says:

i don’t know, look at Rodney Yee. He’s ripped too and he says he doesn’t life weights all. This guy in the video above is pretty practiced at Yoga obviously, so he can’t be lifting weights all of the time.

BlutigClown says:

i learn stand on my head 40 minutes ago n.n

MegaUnicorn1997 says:

I’m in love with you!

HaRtBrEaKiiiD says:

it looks easy. until i tried it.

socialmun says:

This is very powerful if you eat a Big Mac at the same time

MisterRed123 says:

how can i get fit like that? what king of training? bodyweight?

indravenidotk says:

this guy has the hottest body!!

gitadji says:

hot indeed!

bayardhb says:

I’ve done yoga every day for 30 years now — I cured HERPES — lip AND genital — with a non-physical form of YOGA called immunics — I’ve doing IMMUNICS since 1993 — I haven’t had flu since I cured the herpes – I’ve seen people cure CANCER with this —
I do yoga and immunics in short bursts — THROUGHOUT THE DAY — keep myself feeling great ALL DAY — FRIEND me on Facebook — Bayard Henry Barnes — 813-672-3419
For lessons google IMMUNICS & CureDrive

hoangtubanggia579 says:

Why don’t have english sub.I can’t heard all what you said.It will easy for us.I’ll try this pose.thank you so much

Roberto Moreno says:

but that guy has strong abs jajaa

Lorin Pearce says:

I find this one really hard!! even with the wall i find it hard to maintain a balance. Also i rolled forward over my hands and it hurt :/

eatingoutfan says:

you had me at slowly walking to my body when my head is on the ground. i cant do that shit with a straight spine.

TheLindaPham says:

Is it normal that my head hurts doing this? 

healthnut4life48 says:

Check out these mats….AWESOME!!!


HanumanLoki says:

Learn to Press up, you’ll have control through all ranges of motion 😉

FreeYogaVideos says:

Once you can work at the wall and not touch it you are ready . It takes a little time , just keep at it .


cookielover1213 says:

i can do a head stand with the assistance of a wall..but how do I transition to not having to use the wall?

sucemabiteconnasse says:

This guy is hot

realmadridwebas says:

This man makes it look easy 😀 !
But I actually like this, I heard it’s actually useful for the body muscles too as the brain makes use of this too, is it true ?

FreeYogaVideos says:

I only just saw this . You can get shoulder imbalances. Ideally you do it on the wall or learn to roll our properly.


FreeYogaVideos says:

Genetics.  Greg has also done some gym work .

FreeYogaVideos says:

Be careful and do this against the wall if you are unsure and do not put the weight on your head until you are ready.

louisa147 says:

i hurt my self lol

Migourami says:


Is this guy’s body this fit and muscular simply because of diet and yoga?

massrunner says:

That is so funny, not only is the handstand the grand daddy of poses, but so am I. I started practicing yoga handstand 4 months ago when I was 49 and today I am 50.  Thanks to yoga, still feeling great!

FreeYogaVideos says:

Well said and good work . Keep up the headstand it is the grand daddy of yoga poses. It helps rejuvenate the brain and nervous system and the opposite gravity helps all sorts of things.

FreeYogaVideos says:

Thank you for your kind words .
kop kun ka

massrunner says:

True, and thank you for a WONDERFULLY informative and mindful video. I have been doing headstand for at least 4 months now, at first against a wall, until I had assurance, then gradually away from the wall. Have I fallen? Yes, but not uncontrollably, thanks to not taking it too fast and BEING CAREFUL in the pose. Please be patient and careful. Only take this at your own pace. And, thanks once again, for a great series of videos. Namaste

yoyoyoga1 says:

Hi yogi just want to say you are beautiful i love the way you teach! so easy to understand please do keep it up.

kop kun ka {thank you} xx

RonWarc says:

I JUST DID THE SAME THING WITH MY FINGER THIS MORNING!!!! It’s ridiculously swollen and I’m wondering if I fractured it, or just sprained it. When I was up, I lost balance, and rolled forward with my head and all my weight on my inter-laced fingers. Definitely won’t be interlacing my fingers anymore with this. I’ll make a fist instead and wrap the other hand around it!

FreeYogaVideos says:

And it happens every day . If 1000 people stand on there head for 10 mins a day and realize they don’t need Nicotine,Sugar , Alcohol . There might be 100 lives saved in 1000 maybe 1 in a Million might break their neck, because it is acute it does not mean it is more important . So 999 more people lived longer healthier lives .

There are plenty of headstand videos on YT and one that offers the safest instructions is left off would not make sense. Please all take note of cspace1234nz warning!!

FreeYogaVideos says:

Headstand is Perfectly safe it done properly . I hope that person recovers and off course it is not ok for someone to break there neck. With that Logic we could stay that a Graphic anti smoking advert might caused Physiological damage to one person and they might jump in front of a train . So they did not show it and we had 1000 more smokers which are terminal. We can apply fuzzy logic to anything. Stuff that you can buy from the Supermarket is killing people left & right in high %.

FreeYogaVideos says:

It depends where you come from. I do think putting products like Soft Drinks and cigarettes on the market is irresponsible and people need to make a choice in life. But it happens on a global scale. Should 1000 people lose the benefit of doing this healing posture because a few people can’t listen to instructions? Maybe in Nanny State it would be irresponsible, I do how ever believe in a world where people need to take real responsibility for their lives and have the information to help.

FreeYogaVideos says:

Just a Note to everyone as it seems from some comments that people are not listening to the instructions on this one. A piece of advise LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS, please when you are learning. You can get hurt. If the audio says do do this against the wall or go as far as you can or 905 of the weight is on your arms . That is what you must do to make the quickest progress. Keep at it everyone .


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