Bikram Yoga Shelton – 26 Poses in 2 minutes
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Yoga Poses for the Spine _ Yoga Poses for the Spine_ Mountain Pose
This cat is really not too interested in learning beginners yoga poses. Enjoy this Step-by-step instructional video and, take an in-depth view of the sport of yoga from a funny cats perspective. Connections to all [More]
Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you look more youthful, vibrant and beautiful throughout your whole life. Here are 7 yoga postures to stimulate b… In this “yoga sequence to Paradise bird pose” Esther Ekhart leads you through poses to prepare for this challenging pose. For the B…
LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS! What should the last two poses be called? DELETED Scene: See who else is participating a…
Follow us on YouTube: In this routine, I show you a few very hard poses made easy. Led by…

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