Bikram Yoga

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Short Video on Bikram Yoga.

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wharghoul says:

People once thought that bloodletting was a successful way of becoming healthier. It was even widely practiced.

What does that mean to you?

Riddle me this. These toxins, what are they? Where are they stored? How do they build up? Why can’t the body excrete them normally, you know, through pissing. Even if these magical toxins which no one can name are only exuded through sweat, why can’t any other sweat inducing activity exude them?

Detoxing is bullshit and Yoga is vigorous stretching.

Jonathan Schmid says:

Nice way to generalize a widely practiced and successful way of becoming healthier. Dipshit.

wharghoul says:

Detoxing is uniformly bullshit, HTH.

wharghoul says:

You’ve been lifting weights wrong, then. A proper weightlifting routine would prevent those problems, not cause them.

Cazza Laughalot says:

Your post comes from ignorance and fear. New Age is all about Love, Compassion and Peace, get into it , it just may change your life.

brad0021 says:

I am about 30 classes in now after about 60 days. I have never felt better. I had spinal surgery at 15 years old. I am 30 now and over the last 15 years I have kept in shape by weight lifting and staying strong, but that created very tiight spots in my back, stiff hips and lower back as well as thoracic curvature. I live every day dealing with a great deal of pain. I decided last thanksgiving that I was going to try this and I am hooked. I am already seeing incredible progress in flexibility.

8bitkino says:

New age lies this yoga opens you up to evil spirits

redangel1326 says:


Dragan Mandic says:

If you have been trying to burn fat, you should search google for Mimmu Fat Blast. They can help you get the body you deserve.

peter K says:

This is a complete insult to the sanatana dharma to copyright Hatha yoga that has existed for thousands of years… this man is a vile racist sexist money grabbing pig…

peter K says:

this is not yoga this man is a conman and he sues people for trying to teach yoga….

Samuel Wood says:

I used to be a deaf, blind, and mute quadriplegic. Now, after two weeks of Bikram Yoga I can see, hear, speak, and run around!! And I have banged half the chicks in the class already plus a threesome with the yoga teacher and her twin sister!! Free at last!! Free at last!! Thank God Almighty I’m free at last!!

circa1021 says:


AuggieX1 says:

Don’t knock this until you give it a fair chance. Yes, it is very hot but, it is good for the detoxing of your system. Does it smell? Yes, but what do you really expect in 105 degree heat? You are going for the overall benefits that Bikram Yoga will give to you. If you expect it is going to smell like roses? This is not for you. Be open minded and try it for the benefits.

collington22 says:

Jesus Christ.

souleaterfan1234 says:

You know how hot it is? Too god damn hot in there. Also it stinks of sweat. other than that, it’s ok.

Tracy S says:

Maybe it’s you that smells.

shoegal330000 says:

LOL I was just going to ask this. I’m looking to lose 10 lbs.

iretei93 says:

Can you loose weight doing this?

10till10 says:

every class I have been to, has smelled like stank genitalia. Just sayin’.

chirrrongo says:

BTW I strongly disagree with some comments about that yoga is beautiful for cold and nice weather. The origin of yoga comes from India where the weather is really hot and humid. The yoga was exported in 1950`s to west in a gentle way so people accepted it. But this it the real one. Your muscles are more stretched and asanas have much deeper effect. I can see the differences in my body, so far is the best workout I had. The skin gets better which is essential for people from polluted areas.

chirrrongo says:

I have been doing Bikram Yoga only for 4 days. I stopped going to gym 6 months ago and I lost a lot of condition. Last week I had a very difficult project that involved lot of stress, in the last months I really kind of suffered of chronic fatigue. The first class was a total challenge, in one part I felt dizzy. The second was better. The third was very difficult, in every class I think I have to complete it because the beginning is hard. But the sense of satisfaction afterward is great.

hala0022 says:

farts looooooooool

Shikimyo says:

I’ve done Bikram yoga before and it’s hard- painful while in class, but feels great afterwards. I wonder if any of these claims the narrator is making are valid? It seems like a lot of unverified medical facts are being made here.

MyLifeAsCristy says:

I’ve been going to my bikram yoga class for 3 days now and even though it is a bit hard it’s also really awesome!

kennyb187 says:

I feell like this has the potential to get real gross, can you imagine how many farts slip out during taht kind of thing? not to mention people with bad b.o. Still, this is something i’d like to try in the near future.

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