Bikram Yoga Experts – #1 Noa Glouberman

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Close Searching for the perfect technique, I filmed Noa because she is the one who inspired me to start Bikram Yoga. Here are her 26 postu…

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spidermanjedi says:

bad ass! awesome!

Leni X says:

the problem is that she does not stabilize her knees, so ala long she will ruin it and her back cause as a result the hips are not in the correct position and it leads in a hallow back. a good teacher should notice such problems. so don´t ever do this, stabilize your knee: just pull up your patella and hold your leg with your hamstring muscle when you straigt your legs. gosh. yoga is so good with the right technique but you can ruin everything when nobody is telling you how to do it right.

Mihaidbz says:

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Vene Giufurta says:

I thought it was great showing the postures & The teacher is doing mostly dialogue. If you want more go take a class! Namaste~

laura rodriguez says:


profnachos says:

is this a certified Bikram studio? A Bikram studio to my knowledge has to have a carpeted floor. And also poses like the Triangle is done straddling the mat, not with the feet on the mat. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ismet Baskan says:

Bunlar tarikat putlara tapıyorlar ben de de türkiyede putlara taparken çekilmiş resimleri var Yoga nın sonu Lezbiyenlik Dikkat edin Türkiye de Mantar gibi yayılıyorlar Kadınları Hindistanda Yoga Hocalıgı Diploması vermek için Paralarını alıyorlar. Yaşam Koçu Meditasyon hikayeleri Çakra 1 Çakra 2 sacmalıkları ile çinsel tahrik yaparak leybiyen oluyorlar

usif123 says:

its like they don’t have bones 😛

einherjen says:

4:51 love that pose

Mangalo Upasaka says:

The Instructor never shuts up – its like she has Tourets syndrome

achoda khan says:

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cymonebreathe says:

for how long has she been practicing?

kcosi297 says:

dude on the left is who posted the video, and you see him all the time in the mirror reflection

dhindhotz says:

clearly you have never been to bikram

fatemajsr says:

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fatemajsr says:

Hello, have you heard about “Belly Fat Blaze” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a helpful free video. This helped Peter to lose his abdominal fat. Hopefully it will work for you also.

Pixiu333 says:

aaa sii! una a la que le gusta que le miren….nada interesante

Josh Reagan says:

holy shit she is rlly flexible

suchasillygirl1 says:

no rug?

knewscorpion says:


elfinsox says:

that’s how all bikram teachers are. there is a script.

elfinsox says:

that’s how all bikram teachers are. there is a script.

nessjenny says:

that’s all part of the practice…a chatty teacher! every class no matter where you go is like that

jft24k says:

Wow as a yoga teacher I would have left that class!!! Teacher needs to quiet down. It is like she is reading from some book!!!

lelo04 says:

that girl looks like she needs a good bloody meal

malkooth says:

I hope all you fucking whores die of AIDS.

Jolanda27 says:

I didn´t mean to offend anyone.
Guidance during a 90 minute class is fine. But listen to her. I would get distracted by her voice. Her tone just isn´t right. I´m not saying that the girl’s technique should be perfect.Who has got the perfect technique? But the guy who posted the video posted under the title of ‘Bikram Yoga experts’ .
He writes that he was looking for someone with the perfect technique. So..well, in my opinion that description isn’t right. That’s all I’m saying…

Jay Vall says:

Umm. I’ve never taken Bikram Yoga & I can do everything these experts can do. Does that mean I’m an expert @ Bikram!?!? lol

Dave Landey says:

I am not certain if you are aware of the bikram style of teaching, but the instructors are supposed to guide yogis for the full 90 minute class. This is done to allow the mind to focus on the practice itself and not get lost or distracted by other thoughts.

Her technique might not be perfect, but for someone watching a yoga video your words are very harsh, and we all know perfection is something we work towards our whole life. Perhaps you could post a video of yourself in perfect postures?

Jolanda27 says:

Yes, she talks waaaaayyyy too much. It is probably someone who got a 6 week Yoga teacher training. And the girl doesn’t have the perfect technique.

chloe anderson says:

yoga is supposed to allow one to empty the mind at will, so that the true will can be allowed to take place. all this talking defeats the purpose in my opinion…. it probably cuts out the inner monologue, allowing people to learn the postures without any negative self-thought. although self thought will have to be overcome at some point. but what do i know…. i’ve never studied this method. just taken a class

Jan Olaf Risnes says:

this is good, thank you for sharing, wish Noa my best, maybe i see you all some day, my bikram family, smile and be happy, om shanti, shanti

Florian YogicFlow says:

I concur. It’s up to the teacher to learn how to cut speech to the minimum amount so people can focus more. She’s talking too fast, too monotonous and way tooooooo much.

Florian YogicFlow says:

Her knees and elbows are way too bendy and she’s not correcting it. Also the axis of the feet and the knees is little out of place which might cause damage to the inside of the knee over time. The cobra pose is small. Let the heels roll to the side, loosen your buttocks, tuck your tailbone, draw your bellybutton in, roll your shoulder blades backwards and come up pressing through your hands while keeping the elbows close, lift your head a little at the end. That would increase the posture a lot.

Mała Mi Ignaszak says:

super , but bikini ? yoga ..?bikini is not for yoga..

conniear says:


peanutbutterzREALLYg says:

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