Bikram Yoga Demonstration – Brandy Lyn Winfield

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A beautiful yoga demonstration by International and Nation Yoga Champion, Brandy Lyn Winfield at Bikram Yoga San Jose. Video by Hands On Studio and Kyle Ches…

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bida mánta says:

omg those tits how sexy

Sanju Mathew says:

She is so cute !

Ricardo DaCosta says:

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Deszpina says:


Farquhar Smith says:

this makes me cringe.

Ismet Baskan says:

Bunlar tarikat putlara tapıyorlar ben de de türkiyede putlara taparken çekilmiş resimleri var Yoga nın sonu Lezbiyenlik Dikkat edin Türkiye de Mantar gibi yayılıyorlar Kadınları Hindistanda Yoga Hocalıgı Diploması vermek için Paralarını alıyorlar. Yaşam Koçu Meditasyon hikayeleri Çakra 1 Çakra 2 sacmalıkları ile çinsel tahrik yaparak leybiyen oluyorlar

leelee2790 says:


Jarossiri S. Johnson says:


prezygotic says:

it says right in the description. “Everybody But Me (Diskjokke Remix)” by Lykke Li

prezygotic says:

be my girlfriend 

christmay1 says:

All I want to know is if Brandy is single…… :)

ivan rodriguez says:


shamelessfootfucker says:

Who is this band/musician by the way. THius music is really great.

shamelessfootfucker says:

I’d be too afriad to attend this because I would pop a boner.

Stanko Treti says:

Have you heard about Mimmu Fat Blast? (check it out on google) It is a quick way to shed fat fast.

phillys976 says:


marihijman says:

contortiornist springs to mind…… Never seen anyone in Bikram Yoga like her, it’s amazing what she does though don’t get me wrong

Paloma Soria says:

She is absolutely gorgeous and makes it look effortless!

Kurosh Afifi says:

it’s nice to have sex with you

ramban321 says:

She is simply awesome!

rosevalleybg says:

So nice!

heattherm says:

this ladie is double jointed

EshanaKerala says:

She’s great! extremely flexible, probably started when she was quite young.

Ryan Song says:

I got a bad twist injury, since like 2 months and i’m doing some static quad exercises and some similar rehabilitation work on my own for the moment. I wanted to practice some yoga to improve my flexibility as well. But is it advisable to practice bikram yoga despite my knee injury?

daredevilLeo1 says:

this kinda put me off doing yoga.

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