bikram yoga.

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a film about bikram yoga, narrated by mike frayer, owner of bikram yoga in the city in chicago. copyright 2009. lauren drell, medill school of journalism. ww…

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BarrySir says:

good demonstration.Yoga is cool. And Tai Chi is similar to Yoga. Both are good for health and can be used to meditation. But Tai Chi can be used for self defense.I am a Chinese Tai Chi instructor,I am really proud of it.(Please feel free to watch my video too ^.^)

Mercassa says:

yeah damn you guys this is nothing. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty have a look bit.lyVYlYCx

circa1021 says:

Congratulations… You learned the key. The answer is simple, the person eats. Important part of evolution. When you learn to sit, you should learn to breath, which means, seeking vitality from other sources…

eyescream2353 says:

why dont you go fuck off and let us enjoy this.. ok?

IndependentGeorge76 says:


IndependentGeorge76 says:

I love bikram yoga as a workout, it is amazing for keeping in shape and dvekoping your core strength , however it is about as spiritual as  Starbucks.. As a workout it’s hard to best, but I wouldn’t really classify it as genuine yoga

Bruce Bowditch says:

Regarding the commentary, Patanjali didn’t write 4000 years ago, nor does he specifically mention a single posture. Has this guy actually read the sutras?

MsMusicalFire says:

Oh god. I threw up all my water after the second class. It was brutal. The heat was intense. I couldn’t even walk straight after.

gingerootful says:

@ :53 secs – did he say “Patanjali, 4000 years ago, listed the benefits….”??? I have a hard time taking this “certified instructor” seriously when he doesn’t know that the yoga sutras were authored by Patanjali just over 2000 years ago according to most sources. A quick wikipedia search would have told him that.

ramban321 says:

The Knee grow in the front ruined this video. Pass!

Зиновий Варенников says:

I’m not sure you have even read what I said, I was merely asking if the guy wanted to exercise and be healthy, why did he get fat in the first place? You are trying to think too much my friend.

circa1021 says:

Curious. I think its usually because of a medical issue why people seek yoga, unfortunately. Its not about weight, its about seeing what makes people move. Kind of like you, how you come in here and call us all fags because we haven’t been laid for 5 years. I guess it is a bit gay… but if you look at the culture, you would take off your clothes in extreme conditions, and according to history, there was no need to be equipped or armed, so being exposed was perfectly normal.

circa1021 says:


ZeroOne46 says:

Lol, I guess it turns into fight for survival then?

AuggieX1 says:

This is true. I tried it for the first time the other day. Within the first 15 minutes I was just concentrating on what I was doing. Everyone else seemed to ‘disappear’ and I was concentrating on not passing out. I felt incredible afterwards and still……the nice ladies disappeared….

coldmemories1 says:

Somehow reminds me of the Insanity’s Cardio Recovery/Max Cardio Recovery exercises .. It sucks while doing them because i feel the burn in my thighs . But afterwards , i feel great .
Where can i get a full bikram yoga workout , please ?

Cinderovo says:


arawtgabi says:

I tried it with my wife a couple of days ago… After the first 30 mins… all the nice ladies disapper and you find yourself just concentrating not to pass out

welshhibby says:

Bikram technically not yoga

d richard weart says:

A guy with no shirt and flabby chix

Зиновий Варенников says:

No offense, but that’s why you don’t let yourself get fat in the first place.

Зиновий Варенников says:


lapmei says:

the 1982 corolla animation brought me here

steve stevens says:

well for 90 minutes, at some point you drop the creep factor and focus on yourself. plus its so hot youre too busy trying to actually do the postures

MrCoryrabalais says:

sure she did…..

MrCoryrabalais says:

im trying this today….. lets hope i dont get a random boner

rich298 says:

Sorry couple of spelling mistakes in my below comments…..addiction and what are the mistakes.sorry

rich298 says:

This is life changing.if people could do a couple of classes and experience the changes in their body and mind they would realise people’s Addison to the bikram sequence.its the whole atmosphere of the yoga room,the heat,the focus and plenty more.hope people get out of it what I do.i take bikram yoga and I use iChat I’ve learned and use it through my everyday life.dublin bikram addict.

scotty says:

Bidram himself tried to seduce an old girl friend of mine. Oh yes a great honor. She left the yoga center as you might have imagined.

Dinesh Kudtarkar says:

Yoga is a gift from Hindu god lord SHIVA to all mankind that will lead u towards the ultimate goal of your life SELF REALIZATION (MOKSHA)

ohmphthschwrhu says:

yes im fat .was 280 now 250.i look around for ideas on a lasting,easy to do exercise.i saw this guy do this on tv so i looked it up.thats some tough stuff .maybe when i get down to 210,220 i might try this or just keep riding around vegas on my bike snorting exhaust fumes treadmills make me dizzy,……Dizz.

DizzyDior12 says:

Was that your experience?

ohmphthschwrhu says:

if you’re fat you’ll faint a lot.

Ravyn Blood says:

I dont see spirituality in this :/

RoastLambShanks says:

what happens if you need to fart?

Nicole Toro says:

Completely agree with you love.

Nicole Toro says:

Also anyone actually interested in learning about Yoga and the practice of such without all the westernized hype, please watch the Documentary Enlighten Up. Namaste everyone from an actual yoga instructor that cares about your health :)

Nicole Toro says:

f into poses because you think you can. This man is making billions off of false and misleading information. Take a heated yoga class by all means but know what it is that you are getting into and the risks and benefits involved.

Nicole Toro says:

The fact that this series of asanas is done in a heated room can be beneficial…if you are a trendy sheep hoping on the yoga bandwagon. Yoga IS NOT about increasing flexibility which is the point that Bikram Choudhary is attempting to debunk. He made this series in the hopes that everyone will just do his class thinking they will get more flexible. You are not practicing yoga in this class. You should not be in pain and you should be learning to control your movements, not just flinging yoursel

DizzyDior12 says:

That’s not why yoga was invented, lol.

Anyways, I’m like, interested and very wary of hot yoga. Probably gonna try it at some point.

AshasJourney says:

I’m interested in this kind of yoga… it looks challenging and fun

CzechFitnessGirl says:

I love Bikram Yoga! 90 min hard workout!

ojscotty4 says:

They keep showing that one women with a horse face and all those guys, Gay as fuck.

milande21 says:

@mvihufi yes. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. Between If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. just follow what video is saying to you here –>

mark jopson says:

I have just started Bikram to help stretch my muscles from running and weight training and only 3 classes in have noticed a difference. It doesnt look like much of a stretch but go do a class you will be surprised at how limber it leaves you.

Core404 says:

BS your just sick of doing the same 26 poses jk

spartand69 says:

I just close my eyes, or wear tight compression shorts!

MagicCryo says:


neilzep says:

I bet it smells like pussy in there after awhile….the smell of fish in the morning

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