Being BKS Iyengar: The enlightened yogi of yoga(part1-2)

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The result of a lifelong study, yoga, its most famous teacher says, has given him the gift of life. He says if he hadn’t found it, he simply wouldn’t have be…

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MrSupertwo says:

Hahaha! Awesome, I guess that verifies it. I don’t understand why people do this “Idol Worship” Bullshit. They do the same thing in Martial Arts… how this Master killed a Bull with one strike, or how this Master could dogdge bullets… Man… I don’t want to hate on the guy. But, take it for what it is. He’s not the Grand Puba, he puts on his pants one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

MrSupertwo says:

Yeah, so has the Pope. Pope has worked his whole life. But, none of the Pope’s Gold belongs to him, it’s Gods Gold, the Pope is just Borrowing it 😉

Jibbie49 says:

This man is 94 yo and has WORKED for all he has by giving of himself to others. I’m sure his Chain and Ring have great meaning to him, as they are probably gifts from someone who loves him dearly. BTW, India has more Gold than any other country in the World, so it is seen as a type of “savings” there.

MrSupertwo says:

Thank you for explaining this to me.

RamapriyaDasi says:

In South India this is tradition. If you visit temples, you will see all the temple priests wearing gold chains with religious icon pendants. “Spiritual” doesn’t mean sitting in a forest with only bark clothing – it means to see that everything is the property of God, that every soul is His servant and that whatever we have can be used in His service. A gold pendant which reminds one of the Lord is a good thing.

RamapriyaDasi says:

Yoga is a process of very precise alignment of the body and this requires deep feeling and sensing as we move into the postures. At some point we realise that we are the inner witness observing the body and have a direct experience of the self. When doing pranayama (breathing exercises) we become the observer of the connection between the breath and the mind. This is the beginning of self realisation – the beginning of what you call “enlightenment”.

sultanofswing108 says:

enlightenment will NEVER EVER come from body postures even though they can be a help most probably

Anpanman14 says:

What a man ! 00.6 is the best…. Pity on all the idiots here trying to prove themselves…….and OFCOURSE it has to be about him, read the title of the video……stop arguing and start working or you would find yourselves on some hospital bed at his age !

teafortara says:

The man isn’t allowed to receive gifts?

MrSupertwo says:

You know, it’s just a little bit Suspect when you see this Gentleman wearing a Gold Chain and Large Gold ring. I came to understand that Yogis are people who seek higher enlightenment, yet you see this person dressing himself in Gold.

SeekTruthN0w says:

Are you seeking truth? Search for “Truth Contest” in Google and click the 1st result, then click on “The Present” to open it. What it says will blow your mind.

33karmadharma says:

i really dont understand why everyone is so obsessed with him. he has got whatever he has with his own efforts. whether he wants to flaunt it or not is his personal choice.why be so judgemental. if any of you are so good as him, then why are you even here to see the video. you should open up your own Institute. he deserves what he gets. and if he asks for more its his life. not yours. he has achieved it. not you. so stop being the supreme court of morals and look at yourself first.

vitosideb says:

Thank you for posting this video. In Italian: grazie per aver messo questo video!

John Taylor says:

Ahimsa brothers and sisters, love and be gentle.

DesiMan says:

Only someone who has never studied Iyengar Yoga with a qualified teacher could dismiss it as acrobatics. I studied with Guruji. He emphasizes the holding of asanas in precise form because he believes the body must be prepared for pranayama.

Most classes ended with 20 mins or more of pranayama–with the caution not to engage in the more advanced breathing if there was any discomfort. However, we regularly did pranayama for up to 90 mins sometimes. Each time I entered a trance. Acrobatics? No!

DesiMan says:

That laugh was meant to indicate that he found it amusing.

ChanGengYun says:

From what I’m gathering from the both of you gentlemen,I understand that you both disagree that yoga is purely acrobatics and stretching and that BKS is utterly arrogant?

histerics3 says:

How do you think an “enlightened” person should speak about other people, including those with home he or she has had a bad experience?

willsolomon says:

I feel very sorry for you. It is so much harder for those you really believe they understand how it is….I hope you wake up.

ARMZELL1 says:

if you get me or not if i didnt start drinkiking alcohol i wouldnt be alive now. good on you mate,

pranichathayoga says:

When you were sleeping at 5 AM, BKS was doing pranayama.

Vlado Mudrak says:

Dude,your words show the lack of an understanding and distorted perception
1.everyone makes business deals and walks around with $.that’s how we survive!
2.gymnasts retire in their 30’s.. lucky those who manage into their 40-50’s due to excessive strain on a body.This guy will turn 91!That just mean he delivers a nothing else but TRUTH about metaphysics of a human’s nature and the state of Union. He is a unique man and we owe him a BIG thanks!

krishnadas4x says:

god bless pakistan and maharatra.

need4peace says:

For a man whos on the verge of extinction to do these moves is quite incredible? Way to go oldie…

Bob Ryszkiewicz says:


PiasaBird1 says:

Thank you for posting this video. Mr. Iyengar has so much to offer. What an amazing human being he is.

dinasaur2 says:

Yes, he deserves the up most respect. It would be wonderful if all the the money in the world was given to such a man who in turn: further assist in helping people who live in poverty and are ailing in health in modern society who cannot afford yoga classes. The yoga teacher ‘stars’ today are so full of ego and ignorance and yet make so much money-this is not “yoga” as we know it-it is corruption

Asaf Hacmon says:

The one and only yogacharya

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