20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout!

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Sadie created a fresh, new, super-effective 20-minute sequence to torch calories, and help you lose weight! Learn it, and a Core Breath Technique that amps u…


powersuitwoman says:

I do a lot of yoga, and while I like the step-up this routine gives me, I would like to see this video redone with the instructor taking more time to show and explain transitions before going into full flow. I found myself flailing and getting frustrated!

LMatchi says:

They actually have it in my school but the yoga in my school isnt as good as this. The teacher wasnt really good at teaching.

Jeannie says:

All manner of buttonscan fasten you downfrom the slash on your pantsto the warm dressing gowna buo-tnedtup liphas its moments, you seebut a man without wordsis a sad man indeed.

angiecfrmthebay says:

who else fell over?

MusicMAAD says:

They should really add Yoga into school – heard that P.E. does not do much for kids whatsoever. It does not keep kids active / benefit their health much.

Elizabeth Nguyen says:

Maybe not the best thing for a first time yoga-doer.. half of the time I just sat there asking myself: “what the fuck?”. Will definitely be back though, the burn was no joke.

BarrySir says:

good video.Yoga is cool. And Tai Chi is similar to Yoga. Both are good for health and can be used for meditation.I am a Chinese Tai Chi instructor,I hope that everyone can practice Tai Chi or Yoga(Please feel free to watch my video too ^.^)

Margareth Matthews says:

If you are ready to really lose weight, then read my story and watch the presentation which i share on my website.
If you concern about other people health aswell,then just thumb up this so that everyone could see this oppurtinity.

Wannee Luethanom says:

i live Yoga

Suity LaLa Styles says:

im doing this and the 30 day shred by jordan , hopefully i see result

MindfulChairYoga says:

want to do yoga at work? try some Mindful Chair Yoga. Check out my channel. Yoga can be integrated into your life in numerous ways.

Bones says:

Cool! That’s a clever way of lokinog at it!

Emma McCoy says:

i actually lost 10 pounds doing this for a week
im happy!

aispl162 says:

check out “loss-of-weight-allegiance . com” on Google a new way to live healthy

cherrytree565 says:

If i do this twice a day when should i start seeing results? Amaaaazing video by the way, i actually look forward to exercising now!

An Hà Bình says:

I’ve just found this on the net and it has a lots of useful info for those want to lose weight. This is great information and it really work.Believe me, I’ve tried it.


Jennifer Hinojosa says:

I got to 10 minutes today. Tomorrow I’m aiming for 10 1/2 minutes.

Yamary says:

Findnig this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

Jessica Le says:

should we stretch, or do a warm up prior to this?

Mel0berry0lover says:

I love this!

tahi4455 says:

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other normal people are able to get rid of fat easily using Lean Body Blaster (go google it).

LMatchi says:

Everyone says Yoga is just stretching….wow theyre freaking wrong. I think I’m sweating more doing this then P.E class.

LMatchi says:

So did I bro..so did I.

XxLongLiveEdwardxX says:

Beautiful! Way to help a stressed young adult out. Thank you so much

MusicMAAD says:

was looking for a good Yoga vid! Lisa Schinta faved this…

tamw1992 says:

great video, im training to be an amateur boxer and despite all my training this workout still killed me, ive always wanted to do yoga but never got around to it, but your video makes it easy and your golden flame technique is great i really felt it burning, definitely going to continue using your videos, thank you

Cyelii says:

The social network bug has bitten everyone. I want to enter my mom into the Spotlight a mom contest! I’m going to try and find 1-800 flowers on twitter now. You are abostulely right Brian about the context of an offer for marketers. Brands that listen are brands that grow. 1-800 flowers is on top of it.

Arcangel Del Cielo says:

My God, did you just move like water on that triangle pose??

Janaye says:

शुभेच्छा.. लेख छान झालाय शुभेच्छा देण्याचा प्रघातचं आहे हल्ली, हैप्पी शिवरात्री, हैप्पी बड्डे हनुमानजी असे एसएमएस आले की हसावं की रडावे हेच कळत नाही. बाकी आत्म्याबद्दल लाख ॥ ¬Ã Â‹लला䤅नइहमीप्रमाणे जबरी पोस्ट !!

Arcangel Del Cielo says:

Is it possible to get all happy after just one session of yoga? lol

Patrialis Akbar says:

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Jose Diaz says:


Geralynn says:

Edellisen kirjoittajan tapaan ihmettelen itsekin, miten voi olla niin paljon ihmisiä joita ei tuoteselosteet kiinnosta ollenkaan. Mistä tällainen välinpitämättömyys kumpuaa? Siitäkö, että luotetaan elintarviketeollisuuteen kuin ylijumalaan ja uskotaan kaikki ne "turvallista ja tutu;ttua&qkoti-sloganit? Ehkäpä.Minulle on tilattu lahjaksi tuo Kauneus&Terveys -lehti ja olen kyllä tykännyt. Siinäkin on nykyään aika paljon hyviä ja ekologisia juttuja.

MichalVurm says:

This is just wonderful! :)

Ireland says:

Non mais c’est bon, on a encore quelques millions d’actifs à licencier pour rassurer les investisseurs et faire remonter les cours…Et si ça marche pas, on a des millions d&raouq;enfsnts à mettre au travail…

kay1687 says:

This was great, thanks!

Voncile says:

Hey, that’s porwfeul. Thanks for the news.

Marel says:

I suoi vuoti giri di parole ci hanno stufato. Invece di presentare un prtovedimenvo e poi ritirarlo (sempre ammesso che poi venga ritirato: non ci fidiamo più di nessuno), perché una buona volta non ci offre un bel gesto e si dimette?

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